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5starsSlap on some Peace of mind. By Katie Jon 

Peace of mind when the kids are walking around at night. These glow in the dark and are highly visible. They kids think they are cool to wear, too. But not just for kids, I slap these on my parents when they go out for their nightly walk. Great for bike riders too. A must have for night time joggers.

5stars Fantastic product – keeps your kids safe while they are having fun at the same time! Fabulous design! By Busy Working Mom 

As a mother of two young children, I’m always interested in new ways to help keep them safe. The key is having products that do this job that they also are excited about using, or else I know that it just won’t happen. These glow in the dark slap bracelets are a perfect combination of useful and fun! First of all, my kids love anything glow in the dark – there is an inherent cool factor to watching them light up! Also, what kid can resist a slap bracelet? It’s just such a fun concept to start with a straight stick-like object, tap it on your wrist and have it roll around into a perfect bracelet! As a mom, I also really appreciate the extra details that went into the design of this prodcut – the reverse side of the bracelet is a very soft almost velvety texture, which feels great against your skin (unlike other slap bracelets we have which can be a bit hard and pointy). Also the glow in the dark surface is reflective, so that adds a nice extra layer of protection when your kids are out playing, riding their bikes, or even going trick or treating after dark!

5stars Great for kids, great for adults. By Brandon A. Moranon

This comes with two bracelets that wrap nicely around your wrists when slapped against them. Any kid will love these for playing in the dark. They are also handy for runners. As they glow in the dark its yet another great aid for helping traffic see you when your running at night. As for me, I will be giving this to my nephew on Christmas, and I know he is just going to love it.

5stars Fun For Any Age. By M.Krimsky 

I grew up with snap bracelets before they were banned in schools. This product is a lot of fun for kids and adults alike. I’ve never experienced such a high Quality snap bracelet before- really impressed! They’re glow in the dark so they can serve multiple functions of you want to wear them to bike at night, etc. They snap well and also stay straight when expanded. These make a great gift!


Note: These pictures were taken with a camera flash.
5stars A convenient safety accessory By Read Write 

Fantastic device! You can have several of these on hand for night hikes, jogs, or just keeping track of your kids. They are small and portable… perfect for travel. They slap on, curl around your wrist, and are light and comfortable. No need to for bulky jackets. These provide great reflectivity in a small package. These are an absolutely must have for activities that extend into dusk. You can wear them around your wrist or even ankle. I keep one wrapped around my bicycle seat post which I can remove and wear personally when necessary.

5stars Works great for making sure people see you. By Sam K

These are fun reflective bracelets that remind me of the slap braclets we wore in the 90’s. Although they are called bracelets, they can be worn anywhere and I like to wrap them around my ankles. These are perfect for those winter months when the nights get dark earlier and earlier. While there’s no doubt about the high efficacy of this bracelet’s reflectiveness, it’s important to remember that ALL reflective items will only work if there’s an external light that reflects off of it. I feel comfortable knowing that drivers can easily see this bracelets’s reflection well in advance of their car approaching me if their car lights are on. Its great to wear for early morning/evening running and cycling. It is functional, very easy to snap on and comfortable to run in – once on put them on you will forget it is there. I will definitely also get my daughter to wear it when she starts cycling longer distances, and also useful for those dark winter morning walks to school. Its a great safety product with many applications. Definitely worthwhile.

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